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Dog Door Installation in Any Area of Your Home

There’s a pet door for every area of your home: from exterior or interior walls and doors to screens to dog doors installed right through glass!

Versatile Wall Pet Doors

Whether your outside walls are made of block or brick or traditional frame, you can have a dog door installed, so your dog can get out to answer nature’s call when needed – not just when you’re home.

Wall pet doors are the most efficient because of the air space between the inside and outside flaps. The aluminum tunnel creates a seamless space through your wall for your pet’s safety and to prevent water intrusion. The tunnel is cut to the exact thickness of your wall for a custom installation. Carpet covers the metal for a layer of insulation and covers the screws and rivets to protect your pet’s paws.

Wall pet doors can be installed in interior walls, as well, if you want your pet to access another room or garage.

Dog Doors for Every Door

Whether you want your pet to go through a bedroom or backyard door – you  can have a doggy door installed in any door in your home:

  • Steel Exterior Doors
  • Solid Wood Doors
  • Hollow Core Doors
  • Raised Panel Doors – metal or wood
  • Multi-Lite or True French Doors
  • Fiberglass Doors

Enjoy Fresh Air while Your Pet Enjoys Freedom

With a Hale Screen Pet Door, you can enjoy the breeze, and your pet can come and go as she pleases. Screen Dog Doors can be installed in:

  • Screen Doors
  • Screen Porches
  • Pool Enclosures

In Glass Pet Doors for Your Sliding Patio Door

If the best place for your doggie door is your sliding glass door, you can have an in-glass pet door. Because sliders are tempered glass and tempered glass can’t be cut, your existing glass will be replaced with glass that has been cut for the pet door then tempered. You’ll get new glass with the dog door installed.

It’s the most reversible installation because you’ll keep your original glass which can be re-installed in your door should you decide to move.

Window Pet Doors for Special Situations

Sometimes the only place to put a pet door is in a window. Hale Window Pet Doors are versatile and available for both horizontally sliding and vertically opening windows.

Hale Window Pet Doors are made specifically for your window opening. Some models can be removed easily for occasional use as in vacation cabins or for renters. Although the size of the pet door is limited by your window opening, this can be a great solution for cats and some dogs if the window is close to the floor and the opening is large enough for a properly sized pet door for the dog that will use it.

Get Expert Advice for Your Pet Door Choice

Carlos will help you choose the best pet door model for your home and your pet. Call 470-223-6072 today!