"I am so excited to get to meet different people and their pets every day!"
- Carlos Mejia
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When Your Pet Can Answer the Call of Nature – You’ll Have a Happier Pet

It’s important to keep your pet safe and comfortable when you’re away, but when you have to work late, get stuck in traffic or don’t want the fun to end – the days can get rather long for your pet. With a doggy door, you can get your work done or dance the night away without worrying about your precious pet.

The sights, smells and sounds of the outdoors stimulate your pet’s senses, so they don’t feel as isolated as they can when locked indoors. This sensory input can eliminate destructive behavior and help with separation anxiety.

Because Your Home is Your Castle, Don’t Settle for Just Any Dog Door

Just as you didn’t settle for just any pet, but picked the perfect one for your home and family, you can be just as picky about the pet door you choose.

Carlos Mejia sells and installs Hale Pet Doors because they are simply the best. In a pet door market crowded with imitations, Hale Pet Door is the original double flap pet door that’s been made in the USA since 1985.

Get a Certified Hale Pet Door Installer

Carlos has completed Hale Pet Door’s product and installation training to achieve the Certified Hale Pet Door status. This training included hands-on installations with Bill Hale and others at the Hale Pet Door facility in Cañon City, Colorado and in the field.

 With 30 years’ experience in the construction industry, Carlos will install your Hale Pet Door to your satisfaction.

The Right Pet Door Installed Right Where You Want It

Hale Pet Doors can be installed in doors, walls, screens, windows and even right in glass! You can choose the best location for your family traffic patterns, and Carlos will help you choose the best size and model for your pet’s health and welfare.

Call 470-223-6072 today to discover the best pet door for your best friend!


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