"I am so excited to get to meet different people and their pets every day!"
- Carlos Mejia
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Carlos Mejia-Manager of Atlanta Pet Doors

Installation Pricing

Doors (wood, metal, fiberglass) $260.00
Doors (French multi-lite) $260.00
Walls (frame, non brick exterior) $290.00
Walls (brick vineer) $325.00
Walls (double brick/masonry) $475.00
Concrete/foundations $375.00
In Glass (door or window) Varies depending on size of pet door purchased (price includes sales call for measuring, glass, pet door, and installation.
Panel Inserts (two trips) $210.00
Window Inserts (two trips) $210.00
Screen Models $145.00
Ramps $125.00
Cat Guardian $100.00
Security Barriers $105.00
Flap Replacement $75.00-$90.00


For pet door pricing, please visit Hale Pet Door.  I offer a 10% discount on people who adopt their pets.

Payment Types Accepted:

Cash, Check, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.